What are the best spices for lamb?

What are the best spices for lamb?

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From lamb chops to curries, kofta and shepherds pie, you can cook up an infinite number of delicious recipes with lamb. Whether you are looking for ways to make your lamb more succulent and flavoursome or you’re on the hunt for a lamb recipe, adding spices is a sure-fire way to level up your next lamb meal.

Lamb is a popular choice of meat in traditional Turkish dishes with many meals featuring lamb as the focal point. Turkish cuisine consists of a rich combination of flavours drawn from the Ottoman heritage of Turkey and surrounding Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Balkan cuisines. Ottomans were traditionally sheep herders which led to lamb, mutton and sheep’s milk being a central part of mealtime.

To help you expand your repertoire of lamb recipes, here we have three Baharat spices for lamb that will help you create tastebud-tantalizing lamb dishes…


The doner kebab is a popular choice in Turkish cuisine. This type of kebab is famous for its unique blend of herbs and spices and the use of a vertical rotating spit to slow-roast the meat. This cooking combination results in lamb that is beautifully tender and infused with flavour.

When it comes to enhancing the flavour of doner meat, you need the perfect blend of herbs and spices. Doner spice mix contains Himalayan salt, pepper, garlic, onion, coriander, Isot pepper, cumin and oregano. With the right spices, you can easily cook up a traditional doner kebab recipe at home.

Lamb is a great source of monosaturated and saturated fat. Not all fat is bad and, when eaten in moderation, the right cuts of lamb can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels. But we know that some people like to monitor their fat intake. If you are looking to reduce your fat intake you could use a mix of 50/50 lamb and beef mince when making homemade doner kebabs. You’ll still get that delicious lamb flavour without the high fat levels!

Top tip – Got an air fryer? Why not give our air fryer doner kebab recipe a try!


From Turkey to India, kofte kebab has strong connections with many regions in the Middle East and South Asia. Lamb Kofte, also spelled as Lamb Kofta, is a tasty dish that is overflowing with heart-warming middle eastern spices.

The word kofte, or kofta, comes from Persian کوفته or kufte, which translated to 'pounded meat'. As such, lamb kofte is made by pounding mince meat and spice mix before shaping into patties, balls or sausages and roasting or grilling, as desired.

Lamb kofte is a tasty and simple recipe that is high in protein, low in carbs and great with salad! Lamb kofte is also perfect for BBQ season and can be a great go-to meal when hosting guests.

When cooking these koftes, your kitchen will be transported to the Middle East as the gentle scent of warm spices fill the air. In our kofte seasoning, you will find the perfect balance of Himalayan salt, garlic, coriander, cumin and sweet paprika. All our spices are single origin, sourced directly from small farms. Hand-harvested, dried naturally, and grown organically, our spices deliver the best possible flavour and the highest quality of freshness.

If you want to make kofte with a twist, we recommend trying Firinda Köfte with lamb. This recipe combines lamb kofte with peppers, tomatoes and potatoes for a flavour-infused traybake that will wow even the fussiest of eaters.


Mint is a classic choice for seasoning lamb. The tradition of serving mint sauce with lamb has a long history in England. A lamb roast dinner isn’t complete without a jar of refreshing mint sauce to accompany it.

Using fresh mint is the best way to complement your lamb with those uplifting mint flavours without overpowering the succulent taste of the meat. Serving lamb with mint doesn’t have to be just reserved for your Sunday roast dinner. You can also try your hand at making lamb and mint burgers or barbecued lamb legs seasoned with mint and garlic.

Update your spice and herb cupboard staples with our Ultimate Turkish BBQ Pack – the herbs and spices collection featuring everything you need to grill delicious meats, no matter the season.

Level up home-cooking with the best spices for lamb

Next time you’re in the kitchen cooking lamb, make sure you’ve got a well-stocked spice rack ready to heighten the flavour of your favourite go-to lamb dish. Lamb is a delectably tender meat and, when seasoned well, its rich, deep flavours can be enhanced.

Transport yourself and your dinner guests to the middle east with exotic spices for your next lamb dish with the Baharat collection of herbs and spices.

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