Growing up in a Turkish household, I was lucky enough to be constantly surrounded by delicious food packed full of flavours and spices, which cultivated my love and passion for these types of dishes. When I ventured off into adulthood, I continued making these delicious meals for myself and everyone who wanted to try them, then I decided it was time for everyone to experience these incredible meals so they could fall in love with them just like I did.

Then BOOM.... Baharat was created!

​Our ethos is to only use traditional flavours, spices and to add absolutely nothing artificial!

These spices are vegan, gluten free, low in calories and jam-packed full of flavour.

​Every bite will transport you and your tastebuds straight to the Mediterranean. You will be surrounded by aromatic smells, intense flavour and an exciting taste of something new.

​A lot of love, time and energy has gone into making the perfect range that I can be proud of to share.

Baharat will only ever give the best and I can't wait to see everyone enjoy them!

​- Aslan Sari, Founder