Herbs Pack


Our herbs pack features herbs that you should always keep within reach. Use these to kick up the flavour of your everyday cooking directly. Just sprinkle on and enjoy.

Herbs pack includes:


Our zesty oregano comes from Izmir, where they are picked by hand. These perfectly grown herbs have everything we love about oregano, but with a particularly beautiful spicy, hoppy twist. Crumble into a salad dressing, over pasta and pizza, roast chicken, and meat marinades, or just sneak them into your grilled cheese sandwich.


Our thyme is a very special herb, only grown in the Turkey, it has an ancient history of culinary and medicinal usage, and has a beautiful floral, herbaceous flavour, and aroma. Use it with roasted chicken, lamb, grilled vegetables, and tomato sauces.


Our Anatolian mint grows in the south-east of Turkey. We were blown away by its sweetness, brightness, and intensity. Crumble dried mint leaves into salads, grain dishes and tomato sauces or simply infuse in hot water for a fragrant mint tea.


Our fresh and woody basil comes from northern Anatolia, it is best cooked with lamb, while in the Aegean and Mediterranean it is used in sautés of mixed greens. It is also used with fish and other meat dishes and goes very well with legumes.


Our bright, savoury bay leaves powder from Denizli, Turkey, with an herbal, green tea undertone. We make it specially for home chefs to inspire extraordinary menus and deliver consistent recipes. No need to extract bay leaves after cooking, the flavour continues to build over time when you use ground bay leaves. Perfect for soups, stews, pasta sauces, and pickles.

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